Direct Helpers Research Center, prides itself on informing all study participants on the clinical trial process. Their safety and wellbeing is of top priority. Our goal is to provide accurate, high quality data with strict adherence to the good clinical practice guidelines to our Sponsors and CRO’S. Clinical research studies are critical in the advancement of existing medicine and development of new and helpful treatments. Federal law requires that every medication go through a series of clinical research trials before being approved by the FDA; in addition to being approved by an independent Research Ethics Board. It is DHRC’s mission to play a fundamental role in this advancement process.

Our team is made up of an array of knowledge and passion for what we do everyday. We strive on customer service and having our patients feel they are part of the DHRC family. Our board of clinical investigators have a wide range of specialties, allowing for versatility in our study indications. The clinical staff is dependable and highly skilled with over 30 years of experience. We are actively recruiting individuals willing to participate in current and upcoming clinical trials. If you are a potential volunteer and would like more information please visit our current studies page or call us at 305-828-3555 to speak to a representative.