Direct Helpers Research Center is a dedicated medical institute that combines a network of committed and experienced personnel to conduct an array of clinical research trials in Phases I-IV. We aid the pharmaceutical community with the advancement of medications and medical devices to seek an outcome where YOU will benefit from a better quality of life. DHRC has successfully collaborated with major pharmaceutical companies and CRO’s. We continually meet and exceed enrollment, patient retention, and data integrity while adhering to the Good Clinical Practice Guidelines.


Our facility is made up of a board of clinical investigators with a wide range of specialties, allowing for versatility in our study indications. Our clinical staff is dependable and highly skilled with over 30 years of experience. We are actively recruiting individuals willing to participate in current and upcoming clinical trials. If YOU are a potential volunteer and would like more information, please review our current studies page and enroll now. If you are interested in becoming part of the DHRC Team please visit our careers section.




As the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to spread, many of you may have understandable concerns.

Direct Helpers Research Center is committed to the well-being of all patients and in providing the safest environment for patients, employees, physicians and our community. With this in mind, we have made several changes to our standard operating procedures.

COVID-19 Office Procedures

– Office access is restricted to subjects/caregivers, site staff, medical personnel and pre-approved visitors.

– When the Recruitment Specialist calls subjects to confirm their next day appointments – All subjects and caregivers will be asked if they are sick or experiencing any symptoms such as sore throat, cough, fever, shortness of breath, etc.

– Anyone who verbalizes they have any of these symptoms will be cancelled.

– When subjects arrive onsite day of visit, as they are signing in, they will once again be asked if they are sick or experiencing any flu like symptoms.

– Anyone who says yes will be asked to leave and reschedule when they are better, (no less than 14 days). These subjects are NOT allowed beyond the lobby.

– Anyone coming into the clinical area of the office will have their temperature taken and be instructed to use the hand sanitizer that is located next to each entrance.

– DHRC sanitizes each clinical area after each use and re-sanitizes the ENTIRE Site at the end of each day.


Office Hours

Direct Helpers Research Center Inc. will make every effort to maintain normal business operations for as long as possible within given City, County and/or Federal guidelines issued. Should office hours change, sponsors, monitors and upcoming patients will be notified immediately.